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Friday, September 7, 2012

One week away!

Yo, today's Friday, which means I'm just one week away from my 2-hour (gulp) reading event at Book Thug Nation in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY. It all gets rolling at 7:00 and I hope to see you there. I'm expecting the evening to be pretty epic, as Lori from The Next Best Book Club (who is sponsoring the event) will be there, and we'll both talk a little, and I'll read for a while, and answer questions, and sign books, and sell books, and so forth. That will probably fill an hour or so. God knows what we'll do for the second hour. Finger painting probably. Juggling. Audience participation--maybe we'll set up an open mic or something. Cream-filled doughnut raffle.

I know you know all this, but -- two days later, on Sunday, I'll be reading at KGB Lit Bar with Kathleen Alcott, so if you can't make it to Brooklyn on Friday, maybe I'll see you in the Village on Sunday. I think this will be a slightly, ahem, fore professional affair, as I'll be reading with someone else, and we only have an hour between us, and so on...

Anyway, I may be heading back into NYC in October, though that isn't confirmed as yet. I would sure like to see you there, so... see you there.

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