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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Slow season

Greetings, Earthlings. There hasn't been a great deal of activity on this blog lately, largely because there hasn't been a great deal of actitity in my life lately that makes for interesting reading. Uzee went to karachi and came back; I've been working on the new book; I've been prepping for the four (count 'em) sections of English comp I'll be taching in the fall. And also listening to music and watching Lost on Netflix (yes, I'm lame) and doing laundry and making food and so forth.

The big news? I'm trying to eat better and lose weight. "Better" = "more salad." Aren't you glad you're reading this?

My pal Brendan seems to be writing a movie screenplay of The Book of Samson. Maybe he'll call it The Movie of Samson.

The other big news is that the Pakistan military seems to be making inroads against militants in the northwest of the country, and that's a good good thing. The US continues drone attacks against villagers in the area, which is not a good thing, but at the moment the advances made by the country's own army seem to be outweighing the damage done by the US attacks. Hopefully this equation will continue to be balanced in this direction.

I am, maybe, a couple weeks away from sending in my newest manuscript to my editor, for Round II. (The editor won Round I quite handily.)

Football season is still a few weeks away, though preseason games start tomorrow. (Thursday? What is this, communism?) With Tom B back, the Pats will hopefully steamroller all opponents en route to SB #4 in nine years. Boy oh boy that would be sweet.

That's all for now, except this link to an excellent article of Uzee's: