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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The coolest folks in Millers Falls...

(...well, apart form us, of course...)

...must be the fine guys over at Element Brewing Company. Pictured below is the ever-helpful Dan, who kindly welcomes Uzee and myself into town the other other day, set us up with a few mightily tasty beer shots, gave us an impromptu tour of the brewery (a converted Post Office, I believe) then chatted with us for a while before sending us on our way, burdened only with a couple of bottles of excellent dark beer and a seasonal oatmeal ale. Plus a couple of T-shirts. It was, in all, a terrific little interlude and a sweet way to feel slightly more at home here.

In fact, there seems to be piles of great beer here, much of it produced by tiny little hole-in-the-wall microbreweries, which have their own devoted followings: The People's Pint in Greenfield, the Berkshire Brewing Company, and many more. Not sure what's contributing to this density of breweries in such a small area, but believe me I'm not arguing.

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