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Thursday, August 9, 2012

A triple-shot of Don't Open That Door!

With all the frenetic activity engendered by moving several thousand miles, from Hawaii to Massachusetts, I have been sadly lax in keeping loyal readers up to date with my offerings over at PopMatters. My weekly column, Don't Open That Door!, has racked up three new entries since I last highlighted it here. To wit:

1955 space opera This Island Earth, which features, among much else, decent special effects and blazing-hot color! Followed by:

Another John Agar camp-fest, The Mole People, showcasing not one but two species of semi-humanoid underground dwellers; and finally,

the ultra-awful Prehistoric Women, which isn't quite as funny as it should be but is nonetheless fascinating in a weird, awful, watching-a-car-crash-in-slow-motion kind of way. This is the 1950 movie, by the way, not the 1967 entry.

So take a look, Like 'em and Tweet 'em and G+ 'em and whatever else you like to do. I'm having great fun with these & I hope you are too...

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