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Monday, August 6, 2012

Our first week in Massachusetts, and a nice review for Age of Madness

We're still in the process of settling in here in the sometimes-sunny northeast, but we have the good fortune of living in a town with its own microbrewery (more on that tomorrow).

Meanwhile, the sensible folks over at the Not Another Book Review blog have seen fit to give An Age of Madness a fairly stellar review, despite calling it "thinking woman's chick-lit" -- um, okay -- and saying that "Maine has written a commercial novel by blasting the formula." I think that's a compliment. That's a compliment, right? Elsewhere, the reviewer states: "The author's brilliance is to show not just the tortured conscience of this profoundly ethical woman but her unexpectedly generous heart." Hey, that's definitely a compliment!

Many thanks to NABR for the generous review. I recommend the site to anyone seeking out thoughtful reviews of serious books, as this person seems to take the whole writing/reading/thinking about stuff seriously...

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