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Saturday, August 25, 2012

A quick overview of upcoming events

September is nearly upon us, and that means the events for An Age of Madness will soon be underway. Here's a quick reminder / go-to list for the upcoming months:

Friday, September 14, 7:00pm: Book Thug Nation, Brooklyn, NY. I will be on my own for a massive, two-hour event which will feature a reading, Q&A, and an introduction from The Next Best Book Club's very own Lori. I'm not quite sure how we'll be filling up the time... Juggling maybe? Arts & crafts? we'll think of something. Books on sale for ten bucks.

Sunday, September 16, 7:00pm: KGB Lit Bar, New York, NY. Another two-hour even but one I'll be sharing with Kathleen Alcott. I think the plan is that we'll each read for a ltitle bit, answer a few questions and sell some books. Again, ten bucks a pop. Lori from TNBBC will be introducing me. My understanding is that KGB Lit Bar really is a bar, so if a few drinks helps to wash down the fiction, well, that'll be available.

Sunday, October 14, 1:00pm: Wordstock Literary Festival, Portland, OR. No details yet as to the exact venue. I will be reading and doing a Q&A. Wordstock sounds like quite the party, so if you have the chance to check it out, I'd recommend it. 

There may be more events on the west coast, including (possibly) appearances at Elliot Bay in Seattle and City Lights in San Francisco. As yet these details have not been confirmed. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, October 17: Mystery surprise event that I'm not allowed to reveal yet. Ha! I can reveal that it's another New York gig, however.

Friday, October 26, 7:00pm: New England Mobile Book Fair, Newton Highlands, MA. (A bit southwest of Boston). This is yet another reading/Q&A that I believe is scheduled for an hour but if it stretches a little longer, that's okay. NEMBF is a grand old bookshop that has been around forever and will be selling my book, in case you haven't picked it up yet.

Please note: the reading at Millrace Books in Farmington has been postponed due to the shop closing. It may or may not be reschuled at a later date.  Also, I'm contionuing to try to add further events, including something at the UConn bookstore in Storrs, CT. Stay tuned.


Drunk on Ink said...

Age of Madness sounds very different from your usual fare. Look forward to reading it.

David Maine said...

Hey DoI, thanks for the support. It is indeed pretty different from my other books -- ironically, it may be my most strightforward, realistic book so far. I appreicate your interest and hope that maybe you can make it to one of the upocoming events (??)...