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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Where Writers Write on TNBBC

Hey, the supernaturally-energetic Lori over at The Next Best Book Club has included me ina feature called "Where Writers Write." I sent her a 90-second video about my (ahem) work space, as well as a few comments. Ironically, I'm set to be departing this particular space before long, so this is just about obsolete even as it goes online, but what the heck... It's where I've spent some time polishing up An Age of Madness as well as some other stuff, so take a look.

And by all means, check out the rest of the blog as well, read a review or two, leave a comment, but a T-shirt, and support independent authors and people (like Lori) who read and promote them.

BTW, this is the same Lori who has set up reading events for my in NYC this September -- at Book Thug Nation in Brooklyn on Sept 14 and KGB Lit Bar on the 16th. She is truly a friend to writers and deserves your support, so check out the blog!

1 comment:

TNBBC Super Mod said...

Awww shucks, David! You did all the hard work. I just threw it up on the blog for the world to see :)

So looking forward to taking on NYC with you in September! In the meantime, have a safe trip back to the cooler (as in temperature) side of the states.