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Saturday, June 16, 2012

A manly Father's Day weekend post....

...featuring an article from The Art of Manliness!

I've never been to this site before but I find it funny in a tongue-in-cheek (I hope) way. This article, which is written by a Manly Guest Contributor, is called "How to Use a [BUSTED] Cell Phone to Meet 5 Basic Survival Needs." If that doesn't get your attention, I can't help you.

First paragraph below, link to the whole article afterward:

"Last week we talked about the many survival uses of the tampon. But unless he specifically packed one in a bag or car, a man’s unlikely to have one on him in a pinch. So today we’re going to explore the survival uses of an everyday item you’re much more likely to have with you in an emergency: your cell phone."

The pictures accompanying the article are enlightening also. And yes, I'm curious about that tampon article too.

Read the whole cell-phone article here. And then go take off hiking in the woods or something. Just... be careful.

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