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Monday, June 4, 2012

Reading in Seattle in the fall

File this one under whispers and rumors, kids: there's a mighty fine possibility that I will be reading at the Elliot Bay Book Co. ("Seattle's Legendary Independent Bookstore") this fall, probably in October and possibly in tandem with another author or two. Details are hazy as yet so I don't want to say too much about it, but I hope it comes to pass as I do looove Seattle and, specifically, the EB bookstore, where Uzee and I spent a couple of happy hours back in May 2011.

Stay tuned for (I hope) confirmation.

Another fun thing about Elliot Bay: they have a nifty cafe, and while sitting there sipping coffee and muiching on a scone, the radio played Viva Voce's "Wrecking Ball," which is an awesome song. I am now a fan. So there's that too.

This event is in addition to the confirmed readings/signings happening at Millrace Book Shop in Farmington, CT, and KGB Lit Bar in Noo Yawk, NY in September. (See my entry below for details.)

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