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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dont't Open That Door! #3: Missile to the Moon

This week's column over at covers a movie that's close to my heart: 1959's Missile to the Moon, which is a particularly ridiculous remake of 1953's Cat-Women of the Moon -- did it really need to be remade so soon? Anyway, Missile features all manner of extraordinary elements, like a James Dean wannabe and a bevy of lunar maidens played by "former beauty contest winners." (Can't beat that.) The story is suitably ludicrous and the laughs just keep coming. Here's my first paragraph:

"Wacky home-school advocate and part-time scientist Dirk Green has a dream: to be the first arch-conservative in space. To make his dream come true, he must overcome numerous obstacles, including an intrusive US government (keen to keep space exploration for itself) and a pair of even more intrusive juvenile delinquents Gary and Lon (keen to keep other peoples’ cars for themselves). When these delinquents break out of jail and take refuge in the spaceship that Dirk’s got cluttering up his backyard, hilarity ensues—or all hell breaks loose, depending on your point of view. Meanwhile, those nanny-state Feds want Dirk to quell his cosmic aspirations, but when he grabs his NRA-approved personal firearm and goes stalking off into the night, it seems like he might have other plans."
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