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Monday, January 28, 2013

Thinner Than Skin reviewed in Dawn

As promised, here is the review in Pakistan's Dawn newspaper of the lovely and talented Uzma Aslam Khan's newest novel, Thinner Than Skin. It's mostly positive, and you can safely disregard the very few negative murmurings uttered from time to time...

"Written in fine, eclectic prose, exploring identity and insecurity, the narrative searches for illicit happiness that is taken away for reasons that are never clearly defined or understood. Khan can be openly candid about the act of loving as a transitory pleasure but refuse her reader reasons for why relationships break down or people drift away without explanation or remorse. Plenty of fiction is about love, about lust, about wanting control over another, but in her brilliant story of 'Ice, Mating' (first published as an extract in Granta 112: Pakistan, 2010) you will find her interest. 'What is the most beautiful thing you ever witnessed?' she’d ask, as we lay together … I said it was the mating of glaciers."

Well, that sounds fairly glowing... even if I don't really know what "eclectic prose" is. Must be something good though.

The whole review can be found here.

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