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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Toronto Star praises Thinner Than Skin

Regular readers of The Party Never Stops -- yeah,  both of you -- will perhaps have noticed that I've been publicizing the man good notices that the lovely and talented Uzma Aslam Khan has been receiving for her latest novel, Thinner Than Skin. Well, there's a fine reason for this, which is that Thinner Than Skin has been generating a fair bit of press, most of it very positive indeed, and I feel compelled to let people know about it.

The latest in this trend comes courtesy of The Toronto Star, which published this review a couple of days ago. It's favorable, although it seems less interested in the book itsekf and more interested in the circumstances in Pakistan which are reflected in the book. Okay, whatever. And by the way, there's a factual error: The story does not take place in Swat valley, but in Kaghan. 

Despite that, the reviewer has nice things to say. For example: "Thinner Than Skin has elements of quest, thriller, love story and legend, with unconventional characters..." I agree with this, as I also agree when the reviewer says that "as with her earlier books ... Khan continues to explore new territory, both geographic and literary." Can't argue with that, either. Thanks, Toronto.

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