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Friday, January 4, 2013

IDEA CITY: Great name for a fun blog...

So I've never heard of IDEA CITY, but it appears to be the blog of one Catherine Stine, who has a fun entry about the books she gave people for Christmas. Included on this list is (ahem) An Age of Madness, which she gave "to my sister-in-law, interested in psychology and biology." So there you go. Fingers crossed that the sis-in-law was duly impressed.

Thanks, Catherine.

Meanwhile, I have been rocking out to the Euro-African fusion sounds of JuJu, whose album In Trance is a smoking-hot collaboration between a Gambiam ritti player and a British guitarist. The ritti is a kind of one-string fiddle used in West African music; it's basically the solo instrument that plays over the guitars and drums as they bask away, and oh man, these guys rawk.

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