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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A bit of landmark...

Take a look at the visitor counter on the right-hand sidebar... Underneath the swirling globe that tells where you're visiting from... and you'll see that since starting this blog back in October 2007, I've now surpassed 50,000 hits. That's an amazing thing.

I started this blog mainly as a platform to try to publicize my soon-to-be-released fourth book, Monster, 1959, but it quickly evolved into a means of talking about more or less whatever came into my head--bands I discovered and liked, old movies I re-watched, bits of internet trivia, stuff about Uzma's books, and so on.

I had no particular plan for where it would go or how it would evolve--or even whether it would last past the next post. There were times when I posted new stuff almost every day, and times when I barely posted anything at all. Certainly there have been some thin stretches where I've posted little or nothing for months on end, and I'm sure some people lost interest. I don't blame them.

Now, almost five and a half years after starting, I'm happy to say that this blog is pretty much a part of my daily (or at least, several-time-per-week) routine. I can't say that I have any more of a grand vision for where it's heading than I had five years ago;, though. It will probably be more of the same: stuff about my books and my so-called career; stuff about Uzee's books; stuff about bands and records and movies that I like; occasional political rants; and from time to time, a more ambitious essay on whatever crosses my mind.

And in case you're wondering: the most popular entry I ever posted, by a mile, was this one about Game of Thrones. With over 5000 hits, this single essay accounts for 10% of all traffic to this site. Which is either awesome, or scary, depending on your point of view. Good thing I like the show... Maybe I should write another article.

Anyway, regardless of whether I write more Game of Thrones essays, I hope you'll stick around for the ride over the next few years. Cheers.

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