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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Hindu (Indian newspaper) loves Thinner Than Skin

Here's link to a terrific interview/review with Uzee in The Hindu, one of India's biggest newspapers, as she talkes about Thinner Than Skin, the writing process in general, and a whole pile of other stuff:

A vivid contouring of politics, geography, relationships and “fragments that never extended far enough into history books but lingered in the air”, of vastness and intimacy, [Thinner Than] Skin is a story of lovers, exiles, dreamers, wanderers, set flush with a backdrop that’s as mythic as it is spectacular: Pakistan’s Kaghan Valley, the Karakoram and Pamir Mountains, forests of deodar and pine watched by owls, rivers and lakes born of “mating of glaciers” and violence of wind-blown rumour. Destinies as sinuous, entwined and varied as the ancient trading routes along the Silk Road fill out Skin, perspectives shape-shift like snowmelt in mountainous passes where “China encroaches and Pakistanis, Uzbeks, Russians, Chinese, and Afghans all come together to trade”. Inhabiting this world, Skin dwells on dispossession, the rent in silken connections, the drift when love is “like a Pakistani glacier. It was difficult to say if it was growing or retreating”.

It's quite a long article and there's a lot more to it, so take a look. Oh and the book is great too, if you haven't checked it out already.

IN OTHER NEWS: Just three days till AWP in Boston. I'll be there at the Red Hen Booth from 12:30 to 1:30pm on Saturday afternoon, so stop by and say howdy if you're near the Hynes Convention Center.

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