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Monday, February 11, 2013

This ain't Hawaii anymore, part 2: February edition

So, we got some snow.

Quite a bit of it actually: I rolled out of bed on Saturday morning and looked out the window to see this:

That's our neighbor's dog (Conan or Hercules or some such appropriate name) trotting down the newly-shoveled walk of their house. Conan/Hercules/Troy/whatever is a sizeable dog, so we're looking at two and a half or maybe three feet here. "Gosh," I said to myself, or words to that effect.

Then I went outside.

It's actually quite cool looking, is the thing. Snow always is, as long as you don't have to shovel it. Alas, I did need to. Perhaps you have noticed the car-shaped mound underneath all that snow? Ah yes. That used to be a Honda.

Uzee's car was equally blanketed.

It ended up turning into a sort of bonding experience for the neighborhood. I'm sure we were not alone in this. If there's one thing that brings people together, it's backbreaking physical labor.

I started shoveling a quarter to twelve, took a break a 1:15, went out again at 2:00 and was done by 3:30. That's my exercise quote till about, oh, mid-June I should think. But I'm not complaining! (No, really I'm not.) Things could have been much worse for us. We didn't lose power, for one thing, and neither I nor Uzee needed to go to work, ie drive, while all that stormage was going on.

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