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Thursday, February 14, 2013

A special Valentine's edition of Don't Open That Door!

This week's edition of Don't Open That Door! features 1959's opus The Alligator People, starring  abunch of people you never heard of, along with Lon Chaney Jr (The Wolf Man) and a passel of oversized cold-blooded lizards. No one will ever confuse it with Citizen Kane, but it's entertaining nonetheless.

My review begins:

"Something goes terribly wrong for new bride Joyce when, soon after her marriage, her pilot husband Paul skips out on her. Pursuing her wayward spouse with all the tenacity of a famished pit bull, Joyce eventually winds up in the little town of Bayou Landing, Louisiana (main industries: rain, mud and loco locals). But when she knocks on the door of the house that she believes her runaway hubby calls home, she is coldly rebuffed by the ice-queenly matron of the house, one Mrs. “Frigidaires R Us” Hawthorne. At the end of her tether—and with no way out of Bayou Landing till the next day’s train—Joyce begs for a night’s shelter, which she duly gets, although Mrs Hawthorne demands, with typical Dixie hospitality: “Don’t leave the room!” Gosh, that sounds like there’s nothing to worry about."

There is more hilarity in the movie, and in the review too, if I may say so myself. ("Moral of the story: A background check is always a good idea, no matter how much you love the guy.") Plus there are a few stills and a couple clips, so swing on by and take a look, and Like it on Facebook or Tweet about it so that the groundswell of enthusiasm continues to grow...

NEXT WEEK: The Day the Earth Stood Still. (The 1951 original edition!)

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