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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Greetings, Earthlings!

Here's a photo taken from reading on Tuesday night. As you can see, I had reverted to my natural space alien form for this special event. I thought it was clever the way I removed my eyes and other facial features, and replaced my outer coating of dermis (the humans call it "skin") with a foamy material that blended with the atmosphere in the room. Also I was able to stow my tentacles in the boxy "podium" structure immediately in front of me so as not to upset the weak-stomached human organisms in the audience.

This photo was taken by the freakishly good-natured human organism Jay Twomey with his cellular phone device. Apparently there were significant atmospheric disturbances at the time. Thanks, Jay!

1 comment:

JayT. said...

No problem, Dave. You should tell everyone about how helpful your tentacles were when it came time to sign your books -- 8 at a time!