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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Cincinnati, here I come (part 2)

This afternoon I leave for scenic and lovely Cincinnati, Ohio, which a few years ago was voted the nicest city to live in by some magazine. I have never been there myself, despite going to school in Oberlin, which is not too many miles north and east. So I'm curious.

I arrive Monday morning local time and will probably proceed to crash out. however, for those of you living in the area and who are also curious, I'll be giving a reading Monday night--I know not where, exactly, but it's somewhere on campus and I'm sure a quick phone call to the English department will point you in the right direction.

If you can't make it to that, I'm also giving a lecture Tuesday night, and will be reading during that as well. There's a link below for more info.

I am not a huge fan of flying in airplanes, so, any cheery thoughts yo wish to turn in my direction will be appreciated. I'll try to coment on my time in Ohio as I go along, if anything interesting happens (which I'm sure it will...)


Susie said...

it'll take a baby-sitter and finding a friend to make the trip but hope to be there... any other readings while you're in the area?


Hi Susie
Sorry this answer is late (I was flying on a plane when you wrote, and subsequently jet-lagged). I will be lecturing/reading at 8:00pm tonight, Tuesday march 3rd, at the university. There's a link on my blog for more info. I hope you can make it!