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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Cin City, vol. 1

So, flew 7 1/4 hours from Honolulu to Chicago, hung a couple hours in the airport, then a short hop to Cin "Sin City" cinnati, where I was met by the lively and freakishly good-natured Jay Twomey, the U of Cin professor who'd invited me to the school's reading/lecture series. Jay plied me with coffee and brought me to his house, where I met Binks, his freakishly good-natured Doberman, who slinked away when I first showed up but later made great overtures of friendliness (resting his head on my arm as I sat a the kitchen table being one of his more heartwarming habits).

After a few hours of semi-consciousness I was bundled off to the U of Cin library where I read from Samson to a group of 30-35 people. This happened at 4p.m., which was earlier than expected but probably just as well since I was pretty bleary and jet-lagged. I think the reading went okay--what I remember of it, ha ha--and people were very nice about saying that I didn't suck too horribly. Then I was bundled off to some bar with a bunch of Jay's dissolute professorial colleagues where we had beer and sandwiches and I generall got the idea that the faculty at this institution are pretty nice and interested in other people and so forth.

Now it's the morning after, I maneged about 12 hours of sleep and I'm feeling much better. Tonight is my "official" lecture and reading and I apparently will be fully conscious for that one, which kind o makes me nostalgic for yesterday when I was half sleeping through it all. But hopefully it will go well, especially if the crowd is half as friendly as yesterday's.

Favorite question from yesterday: "So, did you do a lot of research and, like, Biblical scholarship, when you were writing these books?"

Answer: "No."

Full report tomorrow...

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