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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Cin City IV

...So the last thing I did in Cincinnati was have a workshop with a half-dozen writing students who had sent me some stories ahead of time. I found this a lot of fun (their mileage probably varied) especially as I haven't really spent any time with student-age writers since, well, since I was a student. These six people (five women one guy) were a trmendously talented bunch, with all of the stories being intersting and compelling in their own varied ways. A couple had obvious shortcomings (too long, or whatever) but many were just a step or two from being done and publishible in my opinion. But what do I know--I haven't managed to get a short story into a magazine in years. (I used to do it but seem to have lost the knack, for whatever reason.)

Anyway, thanks to the students for letting me see their stuff and talk about it. I'll keep their names confidential for privacy reasons but suspect they'll be making a name for themselves sooner or later. Nice work, guys.

And that was about it, except for the party Jay threw in my honor on Thursday night. Attended by faculty and grad students, it involved copious amounts of liquid refreshment and many funny stories excganged on all manner of topics. Binx the Doberman pinscher made an appearance, then left, then I think reappeared several more times. Then everyone went hojme and I went to bed and got up at 6a.m. and Jay drove me to the airport and I flew back to Hawaii where it has been pouring rain and gloomy with cloud and continues to be so. Hooray for the tropics. Sort of.

Moral of the story: Cincinnati is tres tres cool, even if the Bengals are kind of lame.

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