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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Some new reviews over at Spectrum Culture

So I've been writing about one review per week at -- mainly music reviews but also the occasional graphic novel as well. Here's a selection:

Two-album compilation of Kenyan Afro-funk from the 1970s and 80s. Great stuff.

Album review of Fain, the latest from compelling electro-folkie outfit Wolf People.

Collection of 1950s EC horror comics by Jack Davis, master illustrator. Not for the squeamish!

Oversized Prince Valiant Sunday comics collection from the 1940s? What's not to like?

Savannah's progressive metalheads Kylesa get their latest offering, Ultraviolet, reviewed here.

And there's much more to come! The bulk of my reviews and columns are still over at, but hey, I'm branching out. SpectrumCulture is a fun site in general and they try to do some different things (restaurant reviews? Why not?), so come take a look.

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