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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Don't Open That Door! recent and upcoming columns

Ho there! Summer has officially arrived. It was in the 80s yesterday and is supposed to be so again this afternoon and tomorrow.

Condolences to the folks in Oklahoma, who are struggling with the onset of summer storm season in a terrible way.

Meanwhile, my excellent column Don't Open That Door! over at PopMatter continues to trundle along. It was about this time last year that we got started, so, in the spirit of anniversaries and so on, here's a recap of recent events and a peek at things to come:

Don't Open That Door! #42: Devil Girl From Mars (1954): Leather-clad space dominatrix invades Scotland, of all places. Locals respond by drinking copiously. What's not to like?

Don't Open That Door! #41: Terror is a Man (1959): Shipwrecked sailor discovers evil is afoot--literally--in this moody ripoff of The Island of Dr. Moreau. Four legs good, two legs better!

Don't Open That Door! #40: Invisible Invaders (1959): They're invisible, but they're invading, and we don't have much time to figure out what to do next. John Agar and John Carradine? Sign me up! 

Don't Open That Door! #39: The Day the World Ended (1955): Roger Corman's first movie, concerning a small band of survivors of the end of the world. Also: a monster! Maybe more than one.

And don't miss these upcoming thrillers!

Don't Open That Door! #43: THEM! (1954)

Don't Open That Door! #44: The Mummy (1959)

Don't Open That Door! #45: The Mysterians (1957)

Don't Open That Door! #46: The Amazing Transparent Man (1959)

Don't Open That Door! #47: Varan, the Unbelievable (1958)

Don't Open That Door! #48: The Fly (1958)

Hey, that's a pretty good few weeks! Don't miss these columns, and remember to hit that Facebook Like button and spread the word... The more hits the pages get, the better off for everybody. (Well, especially me. You know what I mean.)

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