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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Uzee's new book out in October!

The lovely and talented Uzma Aslam Khan, to whom I have the great good fortune of being married, has just received the almost-final-we-think version of the cover for her forthcoming book, Thinner Than Skin. Behold:

Pretty awesome, eh? The book is due in early October from Interlink Books, and you can read more about it there, or proceed directly to Amazon, where you can pre-order it.

I've had the happy opportunity to read the book already, and trust me it's a corker, so check it out. And for you indie-supporting types (you know who you are), Interlink Books (and its fiction imprint, Clockroot) is a consistently interesting publisher who put out a lot of unusual books by a wide variety of international writers. So they're worth a look as well.

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