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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Books at NYC events just $10

First of all, I hope everyone got through Friday the 13th all right. We managed to be safe at this end, and I even scored a job interview for early August and had a decent workout at the gym, so there you go. Nothing scary at all. Well, the interview might be...

Meanwhile I'm finalizing arrangements with my publisher about selling An Age of Madness at the two events in New York, on the 14th at Book Thug Nation used bookstore in Brooklyn and on the 16th at KGB Lit Bar in Manhattan. Neither of these places usually sells new books, which mean I'm responsiible for it, which means I can decide the price. And the price I've decided on is just ten bucks a book. This is a significant reduction over the list price, and I'm doing it as a way to say thanks to the people who make the effort to come hear me read at those two places. (Unfortunately, the other events I have lined up are sponsored by new book stores, meaning they will decide the price, and lacking the author discount I get, they will probably have to set it higher.)

So stop on by, listen to whatever I'm reading that night, and grab a copy of the book if you like it. If you don't, well, I'm sure there will be something to grab your interest at Book Thug Nation. And over at KGB, there will be plenty of booze to drown your sorrows and revitalize your hopes. So it's a win-win for everybody!


Roz Lau said...

Hi Dave!
Hope you remember me, I was in your writing 1200 class, spr 2011! you know...that Canadian Asian gal who wrote about stress?! anyways, wish i was in nyc. would be at your event in a heartbeat. nothing like listening to you read. it'll be like class never ended! btw is that book for sale up here in the north? wouldnt mind getting a copy, looks like a good read. laters!

David Maine said...

Hi Roz!

Of course I remember you... you're not the forgettable type. So you're back in Canada? What are you up to these days?

I'm supposed to be reading in Seattle sometime this October. I know it's a different country and everything, but it's pretty close to Vancouver (compared to Hawaii at least) & if I recall correctly, Vancouver is where you're from (?? -- don't quote me on that). It would be mighty fun to meet up again and grab a coffee or something.

As for getting the book in Canada, has it: I don't know what the bookstore situation is in your part of the world, but I find Amazon to be pretty reliable.

You're very sweet to keep in touch. I hope your eustress is peaking on a daily basis. Cheers!