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Friday, June 17, 2011

Act fast! Free book!

While waiting for The Gamble of the Godless to appear, why not download a free eBook fantasy novel by Evelyn Zant? It's called Shadowing: A Henchman's Tale and I just read chapter one, which has me hooked.

Evelyn is selling her novel through Smashwords (great site) but is giving it away for free this week. Unfortunately, today is (ahem) Friday, so you have only another day or two to grab it. Go for it--you get a great book for free that you can read on your computer or Kindle, plus you support independent publishing and a fun author. What's not to like? If you don't care for the book, just hit delete. If you do like it, please consider writing a positive review on Amazon, Goodreads or your blog.

The promotional code to enter to get it for free is: AU93B .

If you've never used Smashwords, you'll have to sign up (takes about 30 seconds). Then you "buy" the book, enter the promo code and choose your format (PDF, Kindle, Word, etc). It downloads in about 15 seconds and BAM! You've got your weekend's entertainment. And i
n case you're wondering: no, I don't know Evelyn, never met her, just stumbled across this on Goodreads and thought it was worthwhile. So, no hidden agendas. Just hop on over to Smashwords and have fun.

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