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Monday, November 5, 2007

Well, there's always sports

So, as Uzee and I were driving around today, the city seemed pretty calm. If anything there was a bit less traffic than expected on a Monday afternoon. No demos that we could see, an no more police/army presence than usual. Of course, we weren;t driving up on the Mall, which is where most of the activists have been getting rounded up and arrested.

So far, just about anyone who has ever resisted military rult has been locked up--opposition politicians, human rights activists, judges, lawyers. The TV stations are still off the air, but so far the papers are still being pretty critical. Knock on wood.

In the meantime, than God for sports, the true opiate of the people. Then again, maybe "Thank God" is the wrong phrase, since India hosed Pakistan in today's cricket match by 5 wickets--that's a fair bit, if you don't know the game. There are four more matches to the series in the next few weeks, but Pakistan needs to turn itself around in a hurry or they're doomed.

On a happier note, the New England Patriots football team squeaked by the Indianapolis Colts, 24-20, to remain undefeated on the season. This is a happy, happy thing. Maybe that 16-0 season really is possible. I hadn't thought much about it as a serious proposition, but...


mahnoor said...

In a country with a 50% literacy rate, I guess it isn't much help that the only people with the slightest bit of freedom of speech are the ones who rely on the written word. With the radios and TVs under so much restriction, and the literate protestors behind bars, how is the rest of the country going to get the message?

Oh, and, hey there! =)


Hey there yourself!

Yes I think this is the thinking behind letting the newspapers go on. Basically, they don't matter. With TV and radio shut down, most people have little or no access to information.

Glad you found me, Mahnoor! Where are you these days anyway?