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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Slouching Toward Islamabad

So, today we are again without independent TV news channels, which were blocked several days back, only to be restored roughly 36 hours ago, only to be blocked again.

However, Benazir was released from house arrest. Or so we hear from the Internet. We had to read about this online because we couldn't watch it on the TV news that wasn't being shown for fear that it would report when Benazir was arrested and so make the government look bad. Instead the government looks much better by not allowing any news at all while it arrests people and also beats lawyers with heavy sticks and locks up judges.

Mush has promised an election in, what, three and a half months? The US, of course, "welcomes this development." Sure it does. I would expect nothing less.

We are, I believe, rapidly approaching the point at which tragedy becomes farce. If we haven't already passed it.

Coming soon: Esquire magazine wants me! No kidding.

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