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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Don't Open That Door! #20: Teenage Cave Man (1958)

Yo folks, I am asking y'all right this very second to shuffle on over to my PopMatters column, Don't Open That Door! and hit the ever-popular Facebook Like button for the most recent entry: 1958's epic (in its own modest way) Roger Corman extravaganza, Teenage Cave Man. Never mind for a moment that Corman later said "I never directed a film called Teenage Cave Man." It's great anyway--trust me! And so is my writeup. trust me on that one too. It stars Robert Vaughn, who would go on to fame as The Man From U.N.C.L.E., and who was not even remotely close to being a teenager at the time this movie was made. Ah, Hollywood!

It's helpful to me to get as many Likes and Tweets and so forth for these columns as possible. The more I get, the more likely I am to be able to keep on writing up these old movies, which I love. So please, do me a favor and keep spreading the word.

Okay, enough groveling. Ahem. On to this week's column, which begins thus:

"Hear me, O my people! The Law commands that none of our clan cross the river, for lo, death lurks there in the form of hideous monsters and pools of quicksand! And besides, our tribe has bodacious babes a-plenty in snugly-fitting outfits, so why bother? Unfortunely, the old geezers running the tribe are a little cracked, leaving our youngsters, such as Teenage Hero Boy, to wander past the river and into the Forbidden Lands, seeking sustenance and so forth."

There's much more in this vein, and it's all a good time. So as I say, take a gander at the piece and pass it on. There will of course be another one next week (The Unearthly aka House of Monsters) and, if you're new to this, there are 19 earlier incarnations for you to enjoy...

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