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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Reading events for An Age of Madness

Hey kids, mark your calendars if you are so inclined -- my Fall 2012 schedule is starting to take shape vis-a-vis publicity for An Age of Madness. So far, there are a couple of events lined up for the east coast in September:

KGB Bart & Lit Journal, New York City,Sunday 9/16, 7:00pm. (Reading, Q&A, signing, hanging out with beers.) This event is sponsored by Lori over at the The Next Best Book Club. Thanks Lori!

Millrace Bookshop, Farmington CT, Sunday 9/23, 4:00pm. (Same as above but probably without the beers, or at least with fewer of them.)

This is, I hope, just the start. My trusty publishers over at Red Hen Press are doing their darnedest to line up some gigs on the west coast in October, and I hope to do more in the northeast in September and/or November. My goal is to do some sort of event, somewhere, as many weekends as possible this fall. So stay tuned.

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