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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Digging for nuggets over at is an interesting little site that's been in operation for a few years--it's a place where bands cam upload their music and either sell it or give it away for free to potential listeners/fans. It's quite a mixed bag, with some established names rubbing elbows with huge numbers of hopefuls, and bands from all over the world reaching audiences that they might otherwise miss.

In the mood for some Swedish stoner rock? Well, who the hell isn't? Sweden's own One Inch Giant have a six-song EP for sale for under four bucks, and you have to love tunes with names like "Fur of the Lord" and "Treasures That Betray."

If droney riffs don't float your boat, you can always try the instrumental ambient shoegaze of Glorie, whose full album is available absolutely free (you also have the option of giving them a few bucks if you feel like). You can even get a T-shirt if you want--I sort of want it, because it's got an elephant on it and is awesome.

If Spanish-language hip-from from Spain is more your thang, you can scoop up the 19-track Ilegal 0.3 album from Malputo dest. It'll cost you 6 euros. For those on a budget, check out Clear Soul Forces, who'll let you download their whole album Detroit Revolusion(s) for whatever price you want to pay.

There's plenty more in there--this is just a few of the bands that caight my attention after poking round for a few hours. Dive in, and if you find anything excellent in there, drop a comment here and let us all know.

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