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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hmm... a torture dungeon, or rotten fruit? I think I'll choose the fruit.

According to thie item from the BBC, various countries have have different ways of coping with the dishonorable exits from the World Cup by their soccer teams. I'm not sure that I believe that Uday Hussein had a special dungeon built, complete with slavering dogs to eat the hacked-off legs of the national team's players... but you never know I guess.

Italians chucking rotten fruit? Well yeah, that seems a fair bit easier to swallow. I wonder what English fans will have in store for their team... or will they just blame the ref?

And by the way: yeah, the officiating has been atrocious. Nothing new in that, sad to say, but this might be the most-ever non-goals given and goals not-given that I've ever seen. (Although Cameroon's five disallowed goals in 1998 remains the gold standard of lameness, in my view.)

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