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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Yes, I still exist.

Hello. On the off chance that you visited this blog sometime in the past five weeks--sorry, I haven't been around much. No excuses, except that I've relocated to Hawaii for the time being, and that pretty much monopolized my attention. The good news is that I'm somewhat settled in now, so maybe I can maintain this blog somewhat more regularly. Maybe...


Susie said...

Just found the blog and because, as a fan, I have a vested interest in your continuing to write, I'm glad to hear of your ongoing existence.

Who's next - Abraham, Moses, Pharaoh, Old King Neb (oh, please do him!)? Is it weird that as I read my Bible, I try to see people as you would write them?


Thanks, Susie! My continued existence continues apace, as you can see.

What's next?--ah, not King Neb, exactly, but something entertaining nevertheless. Promise. And no, it's perfectly normal that you envision all historical and literary figures exactly as I do. Maybe.

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