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Monday, June 9, 2008


Hello, it's Monday, nothing much happening. I will be going to the library later to work on the new book. Aren't you glad you know that?

1. Went to Provincetown Mass recently and had a terrific time. May I recommend the Somerset House Inn if you're heading that way anytime soon.

2. Hillary dropped out of the presidential race, which is okay, leaving Obama (motto: "Let's bomb Pakistan!") to fight it out with McCain (motto: "Let's bomb everybody!") Excuse me if I'm not terribly excited about the election this year. Yes, we must elect Obama, but I wish he was a trifle less bloodthirsty regarding the country in which I live and about which he knows nothing.

3. David Cook won American Idol. How do I know this? Lord knows. I believe it happened while I was in Provincetown, however. (For the record, I was rooting for Syesha.)

4. Uzee and I recently watched Chinatown for the first time. Great movie. We may be going through a vintage-Jack-Nicholson phase; Five Easy Pieces is sitting on top of the TV.

5. Celtics are in the process of hosing the LA LAkers, currently ahead by 2-0 in the finals. Now I don't care a great deal for basketball, but I'm enough of a local boy to like it when the New England teams win. Tomorrow they play in LA and, hopefully, extend the streak. Go Leon Bowe!



Anonymous said...

hey--I am reading The Preservationist and LOVING it--read Fallen a couple of months ago and I find myself thinking about it all the time. I have never read a book before that was backwards but it was totally intriguing. I got my husband to read Fallen after I did and he has already finished Noah and Samson and bought Monster. Have you ever read Frederick Buechner--his Son of Laughter and On the Road with Archangel remind me of your books. And, coincidentally, we were listening to the Black Keys today and my husband remarked they were just about his favorite right now.

Keep up your writing--we'll be looking for more!



Thanks a million for the kind comments. I'm glad you like the books. Samson was a love-it-or-hate-it book for a lot of people so I hope you enjoy that too. As for Monster, what can I say, it's a departure. As my mom put it, "It's interesting..." (Cue nervous laughter.)

And yeah there's something going on with The Black Keys--they're definitely not just another coupla white guys ripping off older black musicians. I mean there's some of that, but they also run the material through their own filter, I think, and come up with somrthing of their own. Have you heard the record Chulahoma? It's easy to overlook, as it's a six-song EP of songs by Junior Kimbrough. But it's great. Man is it great. It might be their favorite record of mine, murky and swampy and dense. Not a lot of rock riffage, but a lot of stew you can get lost in.

Thanks again & cheers!


Anonymous said...

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