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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Much franticness occurring in my life just now.

It's been a fine fine few months here in western Mass., but the time has come to shuffle along. Next week sees Uzee and myself relocating to scenic yet perversely expensive Hawaii for a period of several months in our ongoing "circle the globe" tour. I'm fairly excited about it, as I think anyone would be, especially since swimming in the ocean and snorkeling are easily on my list of 5 favorite things to do. Some mild anxiety accompanies the move, in terms of "Will I be focused enough to continue writing books while living in such a beautiful place?" Only one way to find out, I guess. Wish me luck.


Nicole Del Sesto said...

My mom lived on the Big Island for years ... It's a different way of life. Many factors beyond beauty to distract you ... but they may also inspire you. Somebody should write something humorous about the "Vog."

Hey ... I posted a fun review on my blog and you are included, so I thought I'd pass along the link.

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