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Monday, February 25, 2008

Keep an eye on

The lively and often-entertaining site interviewed me while in NYC last week, and is supposedly going to post the hour-long (!) interview sometime soon. I'll post the link when it shows up, but in the meantime, the site itself is well worth exploring:

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Rani said...

Hello David,

Ordered your Monster a few days ago. Might get it by 2nd week of March. Waiting keenly. Although you tell that you’re finished with Biblicals I’d have loved to read your retelling of Prophet Joseph’s story. Who would be the narrators there? Just wondering.
I’ve actually read all your previous works also Uzma Aslam Khans apart from Geometry … There’s no parallel to preservationist, read it many times. Fallen to me seemed most provocative in several ways. I’ll only mention a few: 1. Wondered why you detached from the version offered in Bible and Quran stating Cain’s sacrifice was not accepted because it was offered with less sincerity. 2. Another related story that I remember hearing in childhood which is yet to be authenticated from a reliable source is that Cain wanted to marry his twin who was supposed to be Abel’s wife. Not finding approval from parents he killed his brother in jealousy. While there is no mention of anything nearing this event in your retelling, I would like to know your idea concerning this. 3. And since on the subject I’d also like to ask about the other families mentioned. Relationships between children of same parents is difficult to imagine even that back in the past but should we not accept it, especially when we acquire inspiration from the books that confirm them and relate their basic details.