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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Library Journal gives thumbs-up to MONSTER

Take a look at what Library Journal said about the forthcoming Monster, 1959 in their January 15, 2008 issue:

The monster of the title, known only as "K," is an amalgam of Hollywood clich├ęs: shaggy fur, antennae, feathers, scales, butterfly wings. He lives on an island of nuclear-test mutants, worshipped by the natives and relatively at peace, until he falls afoul of a central-casting blonde and her lantern-jawed beau in a scene from the outtakes of King Kong. It's not long before he's trussed up and carried across the ocean to be exhibited on tour for the masses. What makes this story interesting, though, is where it departs from formula. Betty (the blonde) and Johnny (the beau) have a relationship nearly as twisted as K's features. Billy, their friend and K's impresario, has a thing for money that goes far beyond mere greed. Each of the five years the novel spans is introduced with a montage of world events, focusing on the questionable foreign policies of Western leaders. Clearly, Maine (The Preservationist) intends us to ask whether the vegetarian K is the real monster. Recommended for most fiction collections.—Karl G. Siewert, Tulsa City-Cty. Lib., OK

Those folks in Oklahoma certainly have fine taste in fiction. Thanks, Karl.

In other news, Uzee's new book The Geometry of God is also garnering some attention, particularly here in the subcontinent. Here's a link to a lively and entertaining interview she did with a Bangladeshi newspaper called The Daily Star, and which was subsequently published in someone's blog:

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