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Monday, October 1, 2012

Library Journal shines a light on An Age of Madness

Hey-oh, take a gander at Library Journal's announcement of "Twenty Great Reads for National Reading Group Month" -- and guess whose book they decided to mention by name (and cover).

Reading Group Month is October -- as in, right now, yee-hah -- and I'm excited to see what happens as fallout from it. Apart from my reading at the Strand Bookstore in New York on October 17, and at the New England mobile Book Fair on October 26, there may well be more events lining up. Stay tuned for details.

Meanwhile, Library Journal gives this background for the whole concept:

"Titles were selected on the basis of their appeal to reading groups as a means of stimulating conversations about a range of topics from family dynamics to world events. The committee also chose to focus attention on titles from small presses like Red Hen, Other, and Grove and lesser-known mid-list releases from major publishers. A starter packet includes a flyer and a WNBA/NRGM bookmark, and librarians, booksellers, and reading groups are welcomed to use any of the materials found on the NRGB website for 'October is National Reading Group Month' purposes."

The Journal goes on to call An Age of Madness "a penetrating story," which just goes to show what terrific taste they have over there. Thanks, folks.

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