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Saturday, January 21, 2012

A mighty sweet review

The eminently sensible Mandy de Jager, over there at the Mandy the Bookworm blog, has posted a mighty find (and might kind) review of The Gamble of the Godless. I encourage one and all to swing by for a gander. Thanks, Mandy!

An exerpt:

"It really is like another world and Dave Maine has created this amazing world by providing the reader with all of the important details in such a way it seemed to me that every sentence was especially crafted... although Maine is not usually known for fantasy work such as this, it certainly seems as though he is no stranger to the genre. He knows what he’s doing!"

Aw, shucks. Mandy's blog is well worth a peek for her forthright and unique views on any number of interesting books. And I'm not just saying that because she was so nice to me. Check it out.


Bookblogger said...

Congrats on another well deserved positive review. Still looking forward to book II quite a bit.

David Maine said...

Thanks, man. I'm kind of looking forward to it myself, heh.

Cosimo said...

Sorry for off-topic. I have a science-fiction book in Romanian, "Gherila galactica" ("Galactic guerilla") by David Maine, published in 1992. You can see the cover if you use Google. Is this your book? 'Cause I can't find informations about a similar title or content nowhere on the Internet. The book is rather short, 134 pages.
Thanks, and greetings from Romania. And if you are the author indeed, congratulations.

David Maine said...

Hi Cosimo!

Oh man THANK YOU for that tip. No, that is not my book but I really wish it was -- what a wonderfully awful cover!

I guess there was a French writer back in the 1980s who used the pen name "David Maine." I have posted some of his French covers here in the past but I never knew he got translated into Romanian. That is AWESOME.

I think I'm going to have to start collecting these books. What a blast.

And thanks for taking the time to write me all the way from Romania! I have never been, but I would love to visit sometime. Cheers!

Cosimo said...

Yeah, the cover is really awful (but the book is not), it comes from the very first years after the anticomunist Revolution, when hundreds of publishing houses apeared over night and thousands books were published annually, sometimes with awful covers and paper, like this one. It was a hunger for SF, maybe because the communists kinda banned this genre. In short, the quantity was choosed over quality. Now, if you want to see the present day covers of Romanian SF books, this is one of the Romanian publishing houses specialised in SF:
Who knows, maybe they will publish you some day.
And Romania is a beautiful country indeed, it has everything a tourist would want, high mountains, the delta of Danube, the Black See, rich culture starting before the Roman conquest (it's called Romania), wonderfully beautiful book covers - today - and very well educated and friendly people. I'm proud to live here.