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Saturday, July 17, 2010

So... who do YOU write like?

The web site I Write Like offers to analyze a sample of your writing, then tell you which famous writer you most resemble. Go ahead, try it... You know you want to.

I submitted a paragraph from my latest novel-in-progress and was told that I write like, well, see for yourself:

Could be worse I suppose. Could be better, too.

Come on, try it! Right here:


Nicole Del Sesto said...

They told me David Foster Wallace. I'm reading Infinite Jest right now. I beg to differ.

Jason said...

Holy Guiness! I write like James Joyce, apparently.

Ted said...

I'm another 'nother James Joyce. And you appear to have altered your style. I typed in the 1st page of Chapter 17 of Monster 1959; it was written in the style of Jack London.