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Monday, April 5, 2010

Collateral murder.

Hey, they all look the same, right?

What's especially chilling is the helicopter waiting for the van to pick up the dead bodies... and then opening fire. This violates the Geneva Convention, not to mention basic humanity, but then again the US has always claimed special privilege for itself.

Please watch the entire video before responding. The uneditied version makes clear that there were no weapons in evidence other than the video camera and lens. All this chatter of multiple weapons, AKs, RPGs and so on is just cover.


Brendan said...

Total crock Mr. Maine. Even the 'editors' of the video said the guys walking behind the reporters were carrying an RPG and an AK. And the street was littered with weapons after the fire fight.

The shooting of the van was not against Geneva conventions as it was not marked as an ambulance. And the men in the van were also unmarked. Plus bringing kids into a war zone is unparalleled stupidity.

You dont comment much on the copter pilots getting clearance to shoot over and over again...nor do you comment on the compassion of the soldiers on the ground cradling the wounded child and running for medical attention.

You also fail to comment on the pilot not shooting the wounded guy on the ground because he had no weapon in his hand.

You blast them for their wonton breaking of the law in one breath without mentioning the numerous times they follow the Geneva Convention to the letter.

Nor do you comment on the 20/20 hindsight associated with the luxury of slow motion and zooming used by the editors to illustrate their point. Luxuries the pilots did not have.

I would hope you would be able to give some benefit of the doubt to the soldiers without knowing the full context of what happened before the incident.

I think the biggest beef is that the incident was entirely by the book and innocents still got killed.

War is shitty Dave. This just proves that.


Yup Brendan, war is shitty. That's why it should be avoided.

You don't get points for only breaking the law some of the time, and respecting it "numerous times." Unless of course you are US soldiers.

Guys walking down the street emptyhanded and getting shot, guys dragging bodies into a van and then--once the bodies are in the van--getting shot to pieces. Pilots positively begging to kill people from far away who are doing nothing... I guess we saw different tapes.

As for "bringing children into a war zone"... The whole fucking country is a war zone. It was made that way by the guys in the copters and the tanks, the guys dropping white phosphorus and depleted-uranium shells. (Also breaches of the chemical weapons convention, but hey, the US is doing it so it's okay.) You have some nerve, supporting an invasion and then blaming the people who get killed for having the audacity to live there. Talk about blaming the victim. I guess the Polish got in the way of the Germans in 1939, the Manchurians shouldn't have had kids when the Japanese showed up, etc. For that matter, I guess you'd have sided with the Brits in North America in the 1770s. Same idea--the empire quashing a restive province.

"Giving benefit of the doubt" is dubious when the DoD does everything in its power to suppress the video.

Your relentiless jingoiism grew tiresome a long time ago.