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Sunday, November 2, 2008

If this is Sunday, I must have a new favorite band.

...They're called The Black Angels and they rock. In a droning, dreamy, effects-laden kind of way. Take a look:

And/or download a song from

And party on, Garth.


Estelle said...

Where have you gone? I read your blog religiously but ahven't commented before. I will if you write something!


Estelle! Estelle! If I'd only known!

I'm sorry--I didn't think anyone read my blog religiously... I'll make a point of coming back to it, honest. To answer your question, where I've gone is back into the classroom, to teach basic writing at a couple of places here in Honolulu, and that takes buckets of time. Also I've been trying to finish this book o' mine... But no more excuses! Promise!

Anonymous said...

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